Google Analytics Individual Qualification – 93%….. So What??

Last week I took the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test and scored 93 %.  I was going for the kill, wanted to get all right. The test is so easy to say the least. I was expecting it to be a bit more challenging not a cakewalk! So I am even more disappointed on not getting 100%. May be Google can make future tests more fun.

Google analytics IQ Certificate

The test covers Google Analytics – inside & out. If you’ve used or using GA give it a go, but make sure you go through the lessons from Conversion University. Even if you’re not planning to take the test read through the lessons. If you’re new then you’ll have an idea how GA works. If you’ve been using it for a while – then you’ll be refreshed & updated on GA.

Surprisingly the result does not segment your test performance – that would be very helpful. You’re just give an overall performance report.

Google Analytics test result

But if you’re serious about Analytics you must read Avinash Kaushik’sWeb Analytics An Hour a Day. The book is everything you need and its for everyone – whether you’re Beginner, Pro, CEO, Marketing Manager or an average web user. An Hour well Invested!

Sachin Tendulkar at Madame Tussauds (London)

First with Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwairya Rai, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and now Sachin Tendulakar, Merlin Entertainments Group is targeting the large Asian population in UK.

I had been to Madame Tussauds in 1996, was ok! Was not too keen on another visit.. but now with SACH about to have his life size wax statue in Spring of 2009…. (my) next visit is round the corner.

1 page.. 2 worlds..

Took this one when I was browsing through Times of India in Mumbai. Stories from different parts of world make headlines for opposite reason.

While children and their parents pick up single corn in Harare……in a Long Island deli Pete Czerwinski gulps down 7 pounds of pancake. Are we all living in the same world??



Updating 3 sites at a time. Actually updating 2 and developing one from scratch.

1) – plenty of work needs to be done here.

2) – aimed at small businesses, giving them information about online marketing, digital trends – “DIY Online Marking“. A complete revamp of the site – the content was outdated so writing it from scratch, also the site design – neat & clean this time around! (Check the old site at Internet Archive)

3) This is something I am really excited about. The idea just clicked while I was in Mumbai for 2 months (my longest vacation ever!) Did my research there (not all play!) and now its time to go live…soon. Will keep you updated.

London Snow Pics…

Just back from Mumbai .. and was welcomed by heavy snow. From 35 deg C to -5 deg C…. phew.. what difference 9 hrs can make…

Took some time to upload pics.. but finally!

Lake -4

Canal Brilliant Pic Brilliant Lake - 2 London Eye Golden jubilee bridge Southbank

25 Random things about me.

Ok so I read about “25 Random things” craze that sweeping the web. It’s a huge hit, specially on FB. You can read about it here, here and here.  So I thought lets give it a go..

Here’s 25 Random things about me.

Yeah It’s all about ME. Deal with IT!!

1) At 6 I told my mother that I want to marry my school teacher.

2) I can finish an ice-creme cone 3 bites.

3) (When young) I wanted to become a bus driver.

4) Most of the girls I like move to another country.

5) I worship SRT.

6) Till I was 12 -13 I was under the impression that I was born in Melbourne, Australia.

7) I do byte.

8) I’m a decent cook.

9) The day I got my driving license I had my first accident.

10) Speaking of accident. I almost got my friend killed when I crashed into a still truck. No I wasn’t drunk.

11) I’ve never paid or air tickets until summer of 2008 London – Los Angeles £800.

12) Visited San Francisco (with my cousin)… the best trip!!. We literally walked whole of SF in 2-3 days.

13) Always been running but the Nike Human race in 2008 was my first race.

14) Some of my close friends are accountants – thank god, coz I don’t know anything about finance.

15) I speak (way too) fast.

16) I am can live on cereals, pastas and Eva Mendes.

17) Don’t block my way while I’m running. You’ll get murdered.

18) Horizontal and Vertical confuses me…. till date.

19) Confusion never stops……. The elevator signs of Open Door and Close Door confuses me. Just can’t get it in my head!!

20) I listen music on my iPhone even when I pee.

21) I enjoy wine and Duvel.

22) I HEART startups.

23) Hope, Fuck & Bitch are the words I use the most. Though not necessarily in same sentence.

24) The greater percentage of this will NEVER be read by anyone but ME!!

25) I have written these 24 things after coming back from a party… naturally drunk!
(Though embarrassing…I’ll keep them)


What a roller coaster year this has been for me, Plenty of highs though last 3 weeks…… anyways trying to get over it!

I used to run – Online Marketing for your business!. Aimed at small business owners, who can’t afford to hire an online marketing consultant – more off DIY ( do it yourself) approach.

I used to host the site with, but my hosting expired in April. I did not bother to renew with them or move the hosting before it expired. BTW they are the worst in the business – never again.

Now I ‘ve decided to update and the site – both content wise and appearance wise.
But my hard drive crashed when I was in India (in May) and had no other back up of my site – me being me!

Anyways thanks to Internet Archive – Way Back Machine – I managed to retrieve most of my content. As far the site was concern it needed a face lift.

So been working on it – updating certain sections of the site while doing others from scratch. should be up and running soon.

Screen shots form Internet Archive – You’ll notice that they don’t archive the images from the site.


Also working on something which I wanted to do for a while…. more on that later!

What goes around…goes around…

One of my favorite songs…. even more these days for obvious reasons!

What Goes Around – Justin Timblerlake (Live At – Madison Square Garden).