The books on running… I’ve read so far

Here are some of the books on running I’ve read.

1) Born to Run by Christopher McDougall – The best book ever written about running. Period.

2) Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald – I lost almost 10 kilo’s just by reading the book (pun intended). If you’re serious about your diet and want to train/eat like a pro.. then this book is the one!

3) A Race Like No Other – Running the New York City Marathon? then this is the must read. Liz Robbins runs 26.2 miles through the streets of New York without hitting the wall. If you don’t plan on running the New York City Marathon than this book will make you run one.

4) Runners Rule Book – A good humorous read. Mark Remy makes you laugh.. on the run!

5) Survival of the Fittest Mike Stroud gives an in depth understanding of  why and how our body perform in given conditions. More facination are his explorations to Antartica and running marathons around the world and gruelling cross-country endurance races.

6) The Runners Field Manual by Mark Remy – Not as fun as Runners Rule Book

Reading next Once A Runner and My Life on the Run