Pitching to VCs

Thinking on pitching your startup to a Venture Capitalist! Watch this TED talk by David S. Rose.

Good Luck!

UK to Beijing by Bicycle….Anyone?

If you run Adwords / PPC Campaigns then you probably keep an eye on the text ads you see during your web journey.

Here’s the one I found when I was doing research before I bought my cycle. (Btw I bought Ridgeback Cyclone which is a beauty!)

The adtext is so compelling I had to click. I m sure they must have an amazing CTR but not many conversions!


I saw the ad in Gmail where I had saved some info about some cycles.

The best stats you’ve ever seen!!

Off late I’ve been watching videos from TED – Technology, Entertainment, Design.

TED, an annual conference which brings together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes). “

The best talks and performances from TED available to the public, for free. You can watch the videos online or download to your iPod & watch them on the go.

This video is from 2003 by Hans Rosling : Debunking third-world myths
Rightly said “You’ve never seen data presented like this!

Google Analytics Individual Qualification – 93%….. So What??

Last week I took the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test and scored 93 %.  I was going for the kill, wanted to get all right. The test is so easy to say the least. I was expecting it to be a bit more challenging not a cakewalk! So I am even more disappointed on not getting 100%. May be Google can make future tests more fun.

Google analytics IQ Certificate

The test covers Google Analytics – inside & out. If you’ve used or using GA give it a go, but make sure you go through the lessons from Conversion University. Even if you’re not planning to take the test read through the lessons. If you’re new then you’ll have an idea how GA works. If you’ve been using it for a while – then you’ll be refreshed & updated on GA.

Surprisingly the result does not segment your test performance – that would be very helpful. You’re just give an overall performance report.

Google Analytics test result

But if you’re serious about Analytics you must read Avinash Kaushik’sWeb Analytics An Hour a Day. The book is everything you need and its for everyone – whether you’re Beginner, Pro, CEO, Marketing Manager or an average web user. An Hour well Invested!

Hurry… ONLY 94 Gmail Invites to give away….

Right, so I can send Gmail invites to my friends from my Gmail Account. Now that’s understood that they want to send invites and overtake Yahoo mail and Hotmail.


But Guess what only 94 (invites) left .
Isn’t Gmail open for all to Regsiter? Something the Gmail team should look at this??


This is New York city…

In partnership with Google, NYC & Company (New York City’s official marketing, tourism and partnership organization) launched a new website and Information Center to help make it easier for both visitors and residents to explore all the energy, excitement and diversity of New York City’s five boroughs.

Something to look when in NYC.

“While you’re in New York, stop by the brand new Official New York City Information Center at 810 Seventh Avenue, between 52nd and 53rd Streets. The Information Center features interactive map tables, powered by the Google Maps API for Flash, that let you navigate venues and attractions as well as create personalized itineraries, which can be printed, emailed or sent to mobile devices. Additionally, there’s a gigantic video wall that utilizes Google Earth to display a 3D model of New York City on which you can map out personalized itineraries.”

iPhone….may be….

I love Apple, Steve Jobs and all that happens at 1 Infinite Loop. But not a big fan of iPhone – its great but somehow i didn’t fancy one until now…but when you see such great apps.. you just want one!

Google’s voice-based search for iphone…. awesome

SGN has made some great apps for iPhone. Now it’s rolling out something a little different. iFun turns the iPhone into a Wii-like controller, but the actual games are played on normal desktop and laptop computers… phew… wow

There are plenty of such great apps.. one of the reasons I want an iPhone.. but Motorola tomming out with Anaroid phone next year and I have great expectation from it. This is Moto’s last chance. So I guess I’ll wait for few more months and see which one to go for.

52 things and Gmail!

An interesting list compiled by Google highlighting their other service besides Search!

Basic info but nicely put with the help of videos. Have a look Things to do with Google.

Things to do with Google

Video – Audio in Gmail

Also released this week is Voice and Video chat on Google.

But for this to work, one would need to add a plugin found here

I’ve tried it and found it brillaint! Better than Skype! You won’t get the emmos you get on Skype but this is great.

One can also send SMS from Gmail – but as of now it’s only for US users.