Here comes another bubble

been long time since I blogged…couple of months.
but i had to add this video… for those who are associated with “Web 2.0” business this one’s for you (and me)… hilarious.

“…. blog while you having even if you ‘re wrong…won’t you blog about this song ?” Nice one.

Google (Jet) NASA

Google Jet at NASA

NASA has granted Google’s co-founders (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) landing rights for their private jet (Boeing 767) at its Moffett Federal Airfield, near Mountain View. Moffett Field is nearly adjacent to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. No Silicon Valley execs has the right to land their private/crop jet.

There seems to be an agreement between the between NASA and Google whereby for $1.3 million a year, Larry and Sergey get to park their customized wide-body Boeing 767-200, as well as two other jets used by top Google executives, on Moffett Field, the Google founders will also carry scientific equipment for NASA on their private Boeing 767 as part of a deal that grants them landing rights a
More on this from NY Times

Pics of Google Jet ( No, its does not have google logo ) – First Look

First look at doof

doof – The Game Social Network

The wait is finally over- Yes is now live. Though we are still beta- testing phase, you could log in and explore doof. We are working hard to increase the richness of the site while keeping the user experience in mind. The site is amazing and let me warn you – very addictive.

doof is about playing games, meeting people, competition and expressing yourself, your online playground.

doof Games – We have over 50 free web based skilled casual games, some pretty addicting games. My favorites includes Golden Arrow, Flick Nuts, Jumpin Ride, doof Sudoku, Tritris (tetris x 3),……………

doof Games

Golden Arrow at doofJumpin Ride at doofJumpin Ride at doofdoof Sudoku

See all doof games

Meeting People – You meet people all over the world, invite friends, search for existing send them gifts, tickle, write on their wall, check out their profile and much more

Compete – This the best part of doof you can compete in existing competition or create your own competition, events and invite others to join in, challenge friends.

Sharing & Expressing – You will have your own profile( doofSpace), guestbook, blog, photo-album, instant messenger, friends list. Stand out from the crowd by customizing your doofSpace and expressing yourself to the whole community to see.



Once we will be out of testing phase we will have a hard launch (probably by end of this month). Hope you like it. Will keep you updated.

BMW – Google In-Car Local Search

Google has introduced in-car local search for BMWs in Germany. Here’s a video that partly illustrates the functionality.
(Both Google and Yahoo have almost simultaneously announced in-car mapping and local search functionality)