Cut the Crap – Smoking

( From my blogger acct – posted on Jan 2007)

We have been hearing from ages that tobacco ( chewing/smoking) causes all sort of health hazards, yet we see millions of people continue to do so. We all know that it’s bad but t1he most common excuse one gives is ” I have been smoking for years and I am addicted to this and I cant leave it “.

Truth be told, at one point of my life I used to smoke cigarettes. It started of as trying as I go by the following – All things in life need to be tried at least once – but don’t get addicted. I had enough of it and needed to quit badly. You need to be disciplined and determined to quit, no matter what. There are plenty of aid avaible in the market to help one quit tabbo – like anit smoking pills, patche & co. But above all you need a stong will power.

Quitting was not as easy as I expected it to be. So I decided to take it one day at a time without any external help. I followed a 5 day rule, and it worked. The theory being, if you curb your urge for smoking for first 5 days – you have won half battle. Because its the initial days when you would be dieing for a smoke or even a puff. Control that and you are on the right track.So anyone who’s trying to quit tobacco, just try the 5 day rule. I am sure it will work.

People talk about withdrawal symptoms ,yes there are – you look and feel fresh, more energetic, not to mention white teeth’s(after a while) :), more stamina – which I guess is better than the various sort of cancer and heart/lung troubles caused by tobacco.

People say they smoke under stress/pressure. Well the best way to release stress is working out – exercising. Go out and jog or hit the gym. They are the best stress busters, not that bloody cigarette. And Girls, smoking does not burn calories.

” Cigarette does the smoking, you are just a sucker”

You all know the effect of smoking and the benefits of quitting, a simple search on Google will give you 1000’s of websites giving information on this. All I want you to do is just try for 5 days – I am sure you can do it – your famlily and freinds wellbeing lies in your wellbeing. Think about it.