Run Chimps…Run!!!

This is how my 2009 Running Calendar looks. All the races take place in London (UK). I’ve selected the races carefully, starting off with a warm up eventĀ – The British Heart Foundation Jog (which is the only free event) then going on to two 10k runs, then the London Duathlon (I’m not sure about this – yet to register) and finishing off 2009 with two Half Marathons!

Date Race Event Distance (Start) Place
Wed, 6 May British Heart Foundation Jog 10K Tower of London
Mon, 25 May Bupa London 10,000 10K Westminster
Sun, 12 Jul The Asics British 10k London Run 10K Hypde Park
Sun, 13 Sep The London Duathlon 10K-20K Bike-5K Richmond Park
Sun, 27 Sep Run to the Beat Half Marathon O2 Center
Sun 11 Oct Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon Half Marathon Hyde Park

So its time to get back in shape. No more wine & dine! I’ve shed few kilos in last 6 months but haven’t trained much. So the long training sessions will commence. With my ipod on and listening to my top running songs.

Last year I was plagued by injuries, specially before my races. I ran The Nike Human Race with a strapped right ankle and had to pull out of Royal Parks Half Marathon. Hopefully 2009 should be a better.

Happy Running!