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This is a day I have been looking forward to for two and a half years.Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007. Today I feel kind of same.

I had been wondering on how local businesses/individuals communicated a sudden short term vacancy with candidates in real-time. Say you run a coffee shop and suddenly you need an extra pair of hands or you manage a pub and need staff asap? Now there could be relevant candidates nearby who might have few spare hours and could help you out and make some money, but there was no way for each of you to communicate effectively.

Also with the current state of the economy small businesses would prefer to employ people on a more flexible basis as and when they need someone rather than engaging people on a fixed term contract. This led to creation on –  a real-time location-based recruitment app, for casual jobs.

The work begin late last summer and quiet happy with the final product. It has a very simple and clean interface. The screenshots give you a better idea.’s unique self-service allows one to register as a candidate or as an employer. The aim is simple – to help connect local candidates and employes in real time.

I think small business, charities, freelancers and students will find it useful. is free iOS app, available through the App Store, please download it and let me know your thoughts.

Guy Kawasaki’s Lessons from Steve Jobs

Amazing insights, must watch video.

Here are the 12 lessons that Guy learned

1. Experts are clueless

2. Customers can’t tell you what they need

3. Biggest challenges beget the best work

4. Design Counts

5. Big graphics, big fonts

6. Jump curves, not better sameness

7. If it works or doesn’t work, that’s all that matters

8. Value is different from price

9. A Players hire A Players

10. Real CEOs can demo

11. Real entrepreneurs ship

12. Some things need to be believed to be seen

Pitching to VCs

Thinking on pitching your startup to a Venture Capitalist! Watch this TED talk by David S. Rose.

Good Luck!

2011 London Running Events

The 2011 Running Calendar .This is how the first half of 2011 looks like. Still recovering from my calf injury i picked up on Nov 7th (“where the world comes to run”) but I hope to go out soon!  As usual most the runs are in London. Will update the list as I add more events/races.

Date Race Event Distance Start Place
Sun, 6 Feb Mornington Chasers Winter GP Series 10K Regents Park
Sat, 12 Feb The Action Duchenne Love Run 10K Finsbury Park
Sun, 27 Feb South London 10K 10K Wimbledon Common
Sun, 13 Mar BHF Regents Park Jog ’11 10K Regents Park
Sun, 24 Mar KNI Waltham Forest Run Half-Marathon 13.1M Waltham Forest
Wed, 13 Apr BHF Hyde Park Jog ’11 10K Hyde Park
Sat, 07 May TRI Nations Triathlon 400-20-5 Windsor
Mon, 30 May London BUPA 10K 10 K Green Park
Sun, 19 June London to Brighton Bike Ride 60M Green Park
Sun, 25 Sep Run to the Beat 13.1M 02 London
Sun, 09 Oct Royal Parks Half 13.1M Green Park